''10 Things About me you didn't no''

‘‘I consider myself a pretty private person but on this rare occasion i’m going to share 10 things about me I can guarantee you wouldnt of guessed, So lets kick it off and start with number 1. I am addicted to prawns/Shrimp, I literally eat it at least 4-5 days a week and could easily have it everyday.

2. I used to have 6 piercings on my face when I was a teenager growing up. I bet you cannot guess where they were? haha!

3. My favourite films of all time are: The sound of the music, Harry Potter sequels, Twilight sequels, X Men sequels, The mummy returns 1&2, The matrix sequels

4. I have no siblings

5. I have dated women and been in a relationship with one in the past.

6. My Cheat day consists of Crem Brûlée, Jelly Beans, Maryland Cookies, rhubarb and custard sweets, Bubble gum bomb bombs, love-heart sweets and crisps.

7. I wear glasses 50% of the time, and prescription contact lenses 50% of the time.

8. I like winter more than Summer

9. My favourite thing to listen to is Spanish music , Piano music(Yiruma is my favourite), 432hz and 528hz sounds and of course R&B

10. I can bend my thumb down left

lashana whyte