Frequently asked Questions! (FAQ)


Body: slim curvy -- Height: 5,5 ich -- Dress size: U.K. 6-8 ,U.S.A. 2-4 -- Shoe Size: U.K . 6 , U.S.A. 8 --  Tatoos/Piercings: None -- Chest: 31inch/79cm -- Bust: 32inch/86cm -- Waist: 26inch/66cm -- Hips: 38.5inch/98cm.

How long did it take until you got paid modelling work?

Believe it or not but it took me about 2 years before i got continuously paid work.

Do you shoot for free?

only for major exposure and opportunities only. 

How did you Loose your weight?

I quit eating meat and stopped drinking alcohol for 12 months. Fizzy drinks and juices were also things I quit drinking. I went to the gym three days a week and ate twice a day (Breakfast and dinner).I cut down on potato,rice and pasta. Different things work for different people I say.

What star sign are you?


Have you had any work done to yourself?

my face is 100% natural ,My body is natural except for my boobs which are uplifted with implants. I always had huge boobs but since loosing weight they became too saggy and were holding me back from some modelling jobs.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

Focus on yourself and not other models successes. What works for someone may not work for you so relax and don't worry so much, just believe in yourself, you are in your own lane, your time will come. Work with a photographer who's willing to shoot with you as many times so you can practice your craft and try new things. Be consistent no matter what. network with industry members by following,liking, commenting and doing shoutouts to build your following. Be bold confident and humble, people will see and love that about you. Don't listen to others opinion of you. love and trust in yourself above everything.

lashana whyte