Frequently asked Questions!

How long did it take until you got paid modelling work?

It took me about 2 years before I started to get continuously paid work. For the most part I was building my following ,Building my content, network and working for free.

How long have you been doing music for?

I always sang from the time I could speak. I remember me and my cousin would always pretend we where Britneys Spears and perform ‘‘Lucky’’ on the swings in her back garden and generally have lil hangout music sessions. I used to always Sing in my living room with a towel over my head pretending it was long hair and use the remote control as a microphone and just close my eyes and sing. At age 17 I studied music performance and Sound engineering at South Birmingham College (2009) for 2 years. Life took a toll on me in my late teens and I had moved on onto doing other things. I regained my passion for Music in November 2018 and here I am today.

Would you consider working for TFP or Collaboration basis ?

Only for major exposure and opportunities only. 

What star sign are you?

Aries Gang

Have you had any work done to yourself?

NO Face injections or fillers. My body is natural except for my breasts which have been uplifted with implants.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

Focus on yourself and not other models successes. What works for someone may not work for you so relax and don't worry so much,  you are in your own lane, your time will come as long as you believe in yourself and put yourself out of your comfort zone. Work with a photographer who's willing to shoot with you for free so you can practice your craft, try new things and figure out what your best comfortable with and works best for you. Be consistent no matter what. Network with other models and photographers and also industry members, don’t be afraid to Follow, like, comment on their social posts, just interact with people, join model and photography groups and just be nice. Try and get your work on Shoutout pages to help build your followers. Be bold, confident and humble, people will see and love that about you. Don't listen to other peoples opinion of you. love yourself and above all Be you and no one else.

If something sounds too good to be true then most likely it is so just be smart, do your research, ask loads of questions you may even be the slightest concerned about. If you're a freelance/Independent model Don’t discuss shoots or projects through social media only, if it’s serious then you must exchange conversations in an email this way the conversation will always be there and cannot be deleted. I always prefer to discuss photoshoots on email and then speak over the phone once things are more confirmed, This helps me get a better idea and sense about the persons character.

Before any shoot always be prepared make sure your hair and nails are not messy, plan and discuss your wardrobe outfits with the person you're working with and practice some poses in the mirror, this just helps you get a sense of what you’ll be looking like the day of the shoot. Knowing your angels are important, most of us have a favourite side we prefer. I personally prefer the right side of my face but sometimes I have no choice but to use my left side maybe because the outfit i’m wearing shows more detail on that side or the lighting is better etc. Trust me It will happen so always practice your angles especially the side you dislike.

There has been so many times where I hear models complaining about not receiving there images, I myself have experienced this and I know its long and boring but you must have a model release form signed by the photographer/company and yourself especially if it is someone who you havnt’t worked with before and have met online, Again this is mainly for freelance/independent models. I say do this because it ensures an official agreement stating whatever you both have agreed through email or over the phone regarding images and paid work or not paid work.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

I’m still learning myself, But what I can say is that knowing who you are, being Confident owning it and being determined are truly some of the main Keys to your Success. You always want people to remember you so figure out where you fit in the market Right NOW and create your Sound within that. Don’t be afraid to try other styles and genres if you feel you need to but remain true to yourself. Practice Practice PRACTICE. Sing in the mirror, dance and just have fun, let it all go, no one is watching but you.

In my spare time i’m always watching my fave artists perform, watching interviews, the way they carry them selfs and overall their journey to there success. Researching and understanding the business side to music is also key. Promoting your music is 10 times harder then actually creating it and realistically it all balls down to your budget. Study ways how you can market and promote your music and figure out what method is best for you. I would also suggest learning an instrument too this will help you to write songs much faster and not have to always rely on other people. By the end of this year(2019) My goal is to learn the piano.

Being Consistent is so important especially nowadays people forget about you so quick, always provide and have content ready, release music regularly especially if you DON’T have many followers or fans this is also KEY.

Let people no who you are behind the music, show your personality, you don’t need to be funny just interesting and engaging. I need to brush up on that to be honest.


  • BodyType: slim curvy

  • Height: 5,4 ich

  • Natural Hair type: Afrro Kinky curls

  • Eye colour:Brown

  • Dress size: U.K. 6-8 / U.S.A. 2-4

  • Chest: 31inch/78cm

  • Bust: 35inch/88cm

  • Waist: 25inch/63cm

  • Hips: 39inch/99cm

  • Shoe Size: U.K . 6 / U.S.A. 8

  •  Tatoos/Piercings: None

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