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My first performance since years was held at Primo lounge Club, Arcadian Located in the heart of Birmingham City centre. I was very nervous, I’ve never performed in a club before but on the day I was ready to put on a show. I sang ‘‘Girls need love’’’ (cover) By summer walker and my first single ‘‘High’’. The turn out was not as I had expected, it wasn’t packed as I had hoped for however the energy and experience was exactly what I had imagined. So many of my friends and family came out to support. Even my auntie came who hasn’t seen a nightclub since the 90s which was a beautiful thing. It felt good singing for people and I cannot wait to do it again. I thank God for always putting me in situations which will allow me to learn, grow and make the most out of them. I really enjoyed introducing myself to people and just and Thankful for all the people who came and also celebrate my birthday with me. I love and appreciate you all.